A Step-By-Step System To
Get Head From Women

It works on wives, girlfriends, and even on women you just met

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If you follow these steps, you can turn any girl you know into your own personal blowjob junky, who can’t wait to get ON HER KNEES every chance she gets
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  • It doesn’t matter if she’s shy or a ‘good girl’
  • It doesn’t matter your age, or her's
  • It doesn’t matter if she said she doesn’t like it or treats giving you head like a chore or favor
  • It doesn’t even matter if she’s never blown you before...

Because this sequence activates 3 Sexual Triggers in the female mind (located on the right side of the prefrontal cortex).

It has already been used by a private test group of over 300 men ranging from age 21-64, and is guaranteed to get her tugging on your zipper with a hungry look in her eyes and a naughty smile on her lips, because she can't wait to suck you until your balls are completely drained

For most guys the female mind is a mystery but not because women are complicated (once you realize a few things laid out below)

But because women must keep their sexual nature locked up like a bank vault

Which keeps you confused and frustrated when it comes to getting the blowjobs you want and truly deserve

Now I need to warn you . . .

There are a lot of prudes who are offended by this. And angry feminists who hate men and don’t want you to know what I’m about to teach you

In fact this page has already been taken down twice. I actually had to bribe some people just to put it back up for a couple days

The information below will change your life

So before the blowjob nazis manage to get this page taken down yet again

Take advantage of this opportunity and read the whole thing

Because you're minutes away from learning a proven tactic
To program a woman's mind so that making you cum with her mouth becomes her new passion in life

In fact, she'll become obsessed with giving you the best blowjob you’ve ever had… every time she gets on her knees!4a.-going-down-in-socks-283x3001

You'll also learn the most common mistake which completely KILLS her desire to go down on you

If your wife or girlfriend has stopped giving you blow jobs you are probably making this mistake

But once fixed, you will instantly rekindle the fire

And make her hungry for your manhood once again…

You'll also read about a back­-door secret to make HER orgasm just by sucking you off, deep-throating, taking facials, and any other kinky thing you want


You might be wondering:

“Who is this bastard claiming he can
make any woman love sucking c*ck
like her life depended on it?"

And why would he ever want to share this secret?

Well, since I’m already getting a ton of hate mail for making this training, I have to protect my identity

But my name is Brian Brian

And I'm a regular guy with average looks, and I’m a bit overweight

I grew up in the midwest - I like baseball, beer, and of course blowjobs. Except...

I have officially cracked “Fellatio Fort Knox”…

And just like the combination to a safe,
once you know this sequence you can crack open a woman’s mouth any time you want

Over 10 years ago, I set out to find the key to unlock unlimited blowjobs

And because of this discovery I’ve unintentionally found myself in a sort of ‘teacher role’ to men from all backgrounds ages, and walks of life, showing you how to live the sex life of your dreams

"Whether You’re Single And Playing The Field, Or
You Have One Special Lady In Mind

Now let me be clear:

If you're NOT getting the type of oral action you truly want

  • It's not because of your looks or bank account
  • It's not because there's something wrong with your dick
  • And it's definitely not because you're just “unlucky”

I’ll show you in a minute why it’s not your fault and you’re definitely not alone

Now sure, it can be frustrating knowing THERE ARE guys out there getting more top-notch oral service than they can handle

But let's face it - any normal man who knows this secret has zero motivation to share the knowledge

But I do...

Because it’s my mission to help men going through the same
struggles I went through5a.-happy-tongue-original-275x3001

So to help you make sense of this SYSTEM - and to learn it’s secret to make any woman excited to open her mouth and invite you in - I need to tell you an embarrassing personal story

But the information you’ll learn is gonna get you more blowjobs than you ever dreamed... don’t stop reading until you have the whole story…

So awhile back, I was laughing about old times with my buddy Dave at a local bar... a news story came on the TV about the 'economic recession'

He looks down into his beer and says:

“Recession? man I’m in a

I laughed so hard I couldn't breath... but then looked up and saw he really was depressed!

Now Dave has been my best friend since my first job out of college. He's crazy smart, stays in shape and makes multiple 6-figures (and he's got a smoking hot wife...)

So I was surprised to hear him complaining about his sex life

I did my best to keep a straight face and asked him, “What’s going on?"

Talking about younger days had reminded him of all the hot chicks he hooked up with , and all the awesome blowjobs he used to get...

He had finally settled down with Sandra , a girl he met senior year

i asked him, “Hey weren’t you always bragging about how Sandra gave amazing head?

He said “Yeah, but she's changed..."

"Nowadays However,
She Only Went Down On Him
A Few Times A Year… At Best!

And on those rare occasions he could tell she wasn’t into it

He almost had to beg her only for her to act like she was doing him a chore just to shut him up

The sad truth is this is normal for most men

A lot of guys struggle to even get blown by new girls they date!

Trust me I’ve been there too

Now I can’t say I exactly felt sorry for Dave

When we were younger I was secretly jealous because he was popular and blessed with good looks, so he naturally got a lot of female attention

Me - I've always been more of a quiet thinking type of guy… which made it harder for me to hook up with girls

In fact during my entire college experience I WAS A COMPLETE DUD.

After bitterly looking back at all the opportunities with girls I MISSED OUT on , I had to face reality and figure out how to get what I really wanted from women.

Well I’ve always been obsessed with getting blowjobs from girls

As a teenager I remember sitting in class, looking at the cute girls imagining naughty things… wishing there was way to skip the flowers and sweet talk, and just get my young wiener between their braces!

6.-pigtails-lollipop1And I haven't changed

To this day, nothing is better to me than a mouth hug from a hot girl

But I used to think I had to get lucky if I wanted a BJ

I never imagined there could be an actual code to get head on command

It took a string of tough dating experiences -- and tons of trial and error to uncover it

I won’t bore you with every detail

But you’ll need a quick rundown of key lessons I learned to guarantee yourself sloppy head from sexy women whenever you want!

...Key Lessons To Guarantee Yourself
Sloppy Head From Sexy Women
Whenever You Want!


First there was Laura, my only girlfriend in high school

She was a total Nympho...

Just not with me!

I didn’t know how to set the mood without fumbling, so we didn't fool around much. I didn't realize that the whole time she was running around blowing other guys. When I found out I felt like I was the good guy and she was the bad girl

Years later I finally learned that every girl likes to get naughty, and if I don’t give her the chance to do it with me, she’s going to get bored and think about other guys

I struggled for over a decade to figure out how to satisfy women

Now you might be thinking: “Hey, blowjobs are for my satisfaction!

And that’s exactly what I thought… which is why I struggled to get them consistently (you'll see how to flip this around in a minute)

I might have never gotten the lesson through my thick skull if someone hadn’t yelled it loud and clear...

Years later I was hanging out with some friends one night when one girl I barely knew drunkenly proclaimed that

“Sucking cock rocks! [her words]

Well everyone laughed and looked at her strangehellyeah-framed-sharpened-678x10241

But I made a mental note

It was like spotting a mythical creature in the wild which I’d been hunting for years

I’d always hoped girls like this existed, but had never met one until then!

So when I ran into her a week later I invited her to smoke weed back at my place

(it was the best excuse I could think of)

After we got high I brought up her oral fixation and she gave me a timid but pleasant blowjob

-- but when I tried to talk to her a few days later she acted aloof

I had no clue what I did wrong!

That almost pissed me off MORE than if nothing had gone down between us at all

I had finally gotten some lucky head and I should have been happy

"But I still didn't know
what I had done wrong to make her
never want to do it again!

I had unknowingly destroyed this girl’s desire to give me head

--> There were more examples of this exact same pattern with other women, but here’s the point:

All these girls lost interest because I made critical hidden mistakes

Some even started out loving oral sex but soon quit

I finally figured out WHY, which I’m about to explain so keep reading...

See it became painfully obvious I had no actual control over my sex and dating life

Sure, I had a few lucky encounters but even those I would still run into the ground

  • I wanted more but I hated guessing
  • I hated having to THINK so hard about women
  • I wanted a solid game plan I could repeat anytime to hook a girl asap and and keep her oral appetite strong... as long as I wanted

These small glimpses of success convinced me I could figure this out

So I became even more focused and motivated

Long story short I spent several YEARS devoted to figuring this out

I became a mad scientist researching, experimenting and taking notes

Finding powerful hacks to have a girl craving my c*ck in her warm wet mouth

'Powerful Hacks To
Have A Girl Craving My C*ck
In Her Warm Wet Mouth


I finally knew I cracked the code one night at a bar in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago when I met a thin Latina with wavy hair and HUGE natural tits...

...talked to her for maybe 10 minutes and quickly had her on her knees in the alley around the corner. I came so much she drooled some of it down her neck

She wiped her chin clean as she giggled, but she missed a big white glob on top of her cleavage...

Before I could say anything she scampered back to her friends waiting inside!

From then on she’d stop by after work 2-3 times a week just to blow me.

The feeling of absolute certainty that I was about to enjoy a
passionate sloppy-wet gagging blowjob was the most confident & exciting feeling I’d ever known

It felt like PURE POWER

10. kneeling for dude in chair cleavageShe’d come in the door, hug me while placing her hand on the bulge in my jeans

Moan hungrily... and then gently push me on to the couch...

Then put a pillow down, drop to her knees and GET TO WORK. She even started bragging about me to the girls at her office job

Convincing two of them to come over with her so they could "share" me

Here’s a screenshot I saved of an actual text she sent:


I eventually moved out of Chicago but ever since then...

I’ve trained dozens more women to be MY OWN PERSONAL BLOWJOB QUEENS, all on auto-pilot

"But Like Any Scientific System
The Next Step Was
Independent Validation Of The Method

My guy friends noticed all the new hot girls coming over to my place almost every day of the week. They kept asking how the hell I did it

So I put all my notes together into a simple, organized structure and typed it up into a guide (an early draft what I’m about to share with you)

Remember the feeling of POWER I mentioned when the big-tittie latina came over? Well before I emailed my system to my friends, I decided to give it an official name: The BJ Power Play

  • My buddy James was married in his late 30s , and as you can guess the 'blowjob-train' had slowed to a stop. Two weeks after he read that first draft of my system, he had his woman going down again... only this time with more gusto than ever.
  • Another friend Malik had been with his girlfriend for just over a year. She sometimes gave him head before sex, but never because SHE wanted to. Well, the first night he used my system.. she was the one who enthusiastically initiated the best BJ he’d ever got! He called me the next morning yelling with excitement

You know how some guys have a girl from their past... a ‘naughty angel’ who gave mind-blowing head? Well Malik turned his current girlfriend into ‘that girl’

  • A few other friends were bachelors or recently divorced, who used my system to get NEW girls hooked on ‘The Diet Plan’ within days of meeting them (just guess what the diet plan is!)

There were bumps along the way but each guy gave me feedback to help refine the BJPP System to be deadly efficient and completely fool-proof

In fact we all got so good my friends began referring me to other men who were struggling, many of whom offered me money because they assumed I was charging for such valuable information

Don’t get me wrong I gladly took the money, but I realized how much I enjoy helping other men succeed with women

It made my years of struggle much more satisfying

Sure, it was great to finally fix the ‘women & blowjobs’ issue for myself. But to see other men’s lives improve convinced me to do this for a living

You CAN Have This "Blowjob Party" Lifestyle For Yourself


The problem is, new ideas are usually met with doubt and denial...

So what does this have to do with you getting more blowjobs?

Well common sense and conventional "pop wisdom" can sometimes be WORSE THAN WRONG

It can be the very thing hurting your results with women!

The invisible factor destroying your ability to BANG HOT GIRLS and keep them anxious to please you with passionate tongue action.
11.  anxious - own her mouth

Listen, there are basically three groups of people who feed you LIES about women

The 1st Group Of Liars:
Guys Who Already Get A Lot Of Head

They obviously have a good reason for misleading you. It's human nature to want the *whole pie*

And a guy that has a natural gift with chicks won’t give you helpful advice. Instead he brags in vague terms making it sound like women are magically drawn to him

Or says USELESS things like:

“You just gotta be confident”
(yeah thanks, dude)

See he isn’t better or smarter than you… Typically he had a couple experiences with girls at a young age and merely stumbled onto some things that worked for him.

He sticks with those things while honing his technique until he’s ‘a natural’

The 2nd Group of Liars:

Women hide what REALLY makes them enjoy sucking d*ck... but they have their reasons...

First - women play the ‘good girl’ role to avoid getting labeled as ‘easy’ or ‘dirty’. But they also need to test you to see if you know the truth despite her act

It seems unfair but this filters out men who would be bad lovers. Just like you screen for a pretty face and a nice body - she screens out losers

But Here’s The Good News

I’m going to show you how to get all the blowjob love naturals get, without changing your personality

See naturals tend to have their way with women, simply because they DON'T believe the lies of the third group...

The Biggest Liar Of All:
The Media

Movies, TV shows, ‘news’, and even porn have all been brainwashing you to think you need to be

  • "Alpha"
  • buff
  • charming
  • super-hung
  • super wealthy etc...

To get the girls and sex life you really desire

Let’s start with the man-hating modern feminists...

Thay've infiltrated every aspect of society ,

They preach about sex as if it’s something bad men do TO women

They are jealous of women who are sweet, feminine, and enjoy sex

These angry women have HIJACKED our society over the past century.

They exert IMMENSE influence over government, education, business, and most importantly... the media

Through film, the ‘news’ and TV, and even your Facebook feed!

Any time a guy likes a girl on tv he’s portrayed as either a timid doofus -or- a horny sleazeball

And women are portrayed as smart, ‘strong & independent’ , yet innocent, pure little damsels. Rolling their eyes and mocking a man when he shows interest

This message sneaks through every time we turn on the tv or read articles online.

These femini-nazis brainwash women into feeling ashamed for their natural desire for d*ck , and make men feel guilty for wanting to give it to them

Men and women carry around unnatural guilt and shame about sex, which keeps your sexual energy bottled up...12a. ..and stops women from helping you release all that tension (which they naturally WANT to do btw).Women love to deep-throat take facials, swallow, gag, moan, hum, and slobber all over your c*ck...13a. BJ6

As long as it's attached to a guy who can make her feel 3 emotional triggers

Which you’ll learn when I explain the 3 tips I promised you.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, you probably feel like women take work

You are making an effort but not getting the results you want

I'm going to show you an easier way that is also fun, fast... and so incredibly effective... your woman will be bragging to her girlfriends about how lucky she is to suck your c*ck!

What If My Woman
Used To Give Me Blowjobs Before
But Doesn't Anymore?

This is because of something called “The Present Problem”

Which sounds weird but it’s an easy fix to get her going down again

Let's get into how to fix all this with the 3 tips I promised, so you can get the oral service you really want… and deserve

Some of this might sound shocking… or hard-to-believe

But ONLY IF you've never experienced it for yourself

- 1 -

First remember that there are guys getting the kind of head you want...

They are getting different results, because they are doing different actions. And they are doing different actions because they understand some things that you do not

the man has control over how a woman sees oral sex

'tell me what to think'

"It's up to you, sir"

But women cannot, and WILL NOT admit this out loud , because they must test you to see if you already know this secret.

Many men struggle to get sexual satisfaction because they don’t know this fact. The rare men in the ‘inner circle’ won’t tell you because they want the whole pie for themselves. And the media won’t show you, because they profit by keeping you frustrated

Cunning ads convince us:

  • if you only rubbed on the right deodorant…
  • or drove the right car
  • or drank the right beer

... then all the hot chicks will appear

Years ago I questioned my assumptions and asked:

What if ALL women already have the potential to love blow jobs as much men

What If There's A Way To
Make Her Not Just Enjoy It…
But Worship My Cock?

Then I discovered some almost forgotten scientific studies on female sexuality from decades ago

As well as brand new research coming out that no one was talking about!

...Almost Forgotten Scientific Studies
On Female Sexuality
From Decades Ago
And Brand NEW Research Coming Out
That No One Was Talking About!

Remember, I was already getting much better results with women than the average guy

So much so, that men were paying me thousands just for coaching

So when I looked at these studies I saw connections the average guy probably wouldn't notice

So what makes a woman love (or hate) a sexual experience?

The MEANING of the act

Meaning is how you think about a thing or an event

In other words it’s all in her mind. And it's easy to change this when you know what you are doing.

Let’s use an example from the world of fine art. We've all seen those abstract paintings that look like a child threw paint on a canvas. Yes, people will pay thousands to hang it on their wall because of their ideas ABOUT it

Ever notice how sometimes before sex women ask:
“What are you're thinking about?"
“How do you feel about me?"

She wants to know what you think the meaning is so you can define it for her!

You've probably heard women say they want ‘meaningful sex’. However, this doesn’t mean she wants lovey-dovey sappy romance

Whether it's sex, a blowjob, or any intimate encounter, women are turned on (or off) by the STORY about the act... WHY it’s happening… and what it MEANS to you!

This is why women prefer romance novels (stories) over typical porn videos

In porn you see the woman sucking some random ‘dick without a face’

There's no meaning , just the act

But in a romance novel the woman desperately drops to her knees for the mysterious knight…

  • or the troubled artist
  • or the tough private eye with a good heart

To reach him EMOTIONALLY because that’s how she gets HER pleasure

(hint of whats coming: you will learn how to satisfy her emotionally just from YOUR HARD-ON being in her mouth!)

As a guy, you just like the feeling of her soft lips gliding up and down your dick

And of course the view: HER BIG PRETTY EYES looking up at you while her cheeks vacuum seal around your shaft

But she enjoys it most because of her thoughts about it, and the emotions those thoughts TRIGGER

And that's what I mean by


There are 3 triggers you will use to create Meaning for her

So she becomes obsessed with pleasuring you with her mouth better and better every time

The three triggers are:

● Power-Flux ● Framing ● Inclusion

Now the 1st tip has to do with ‘Power Flux’

If you have a wife or girlfriend that stopped giving you blow jobs or never even started.... odds are you made two common mistakes:

First you probably weren’t responding in a way that turned her on (more on that in a sec, and NO it's not like guys do in porn videos)

The second mistake guys make in relationships is they let the woman get the idea that she's got you locked down and doesn't have to worry about losing you

Now you may not realize this because she’s not gonna just come out and say “I'm the boss now". And yes, it’s normal to relax once you settle down with a girl

But if you’re less dominant she’ll feel less submissive. She might feel you’ve lost your edge or what psychologists call ‘Influential Authority’. And when you regain authority she will want to get on her knees for you

Now the next step is to build her sense of power when she does15a. tumblr_inline4s5f1qg0hib

That might sound strange because she’s the one kneeling choking on your c*ck

But she’ll actually feel like she’s in control during a blowjob

Which will be incredibly exciting for her if she sees you as dominant the rest of the time

And this is what I mean by ‘Power-Flux’

Now the cool thing about Power-Flux is you can build her confidence quickly

Because she sees you as the authority

So now when you express your pleasure she believes you

But also feels challenged to improve her skills even more

You may not have realized but many women avoid blowjobs because they lack confidence (more on how to fix this later)

Now as I said, you should NEVER beg for blowjobs or try to ‘talk her into it’

This actually kills her desire to go down on you

And even if she does both of you will see it as a chore and a barter

Because that's how you told her to see it

What if instead she felt excited and proud to have the privilege of serving you by giving your HARD SHAFT a tongue bath!

So let’s get into the 2nd tip which is all about ‘Framing’

Growing up I had a buddy who was a natural ‘player’

I'll call him Devin -

He was notorious for getting girls to suck him off anytime, anyplace

In his car, at the park, even in the high school bathroom!

We've stayed in touch over the years so I asked for his input on all this blowjob stuff...

[here’s what he said]

“First of all,
she shouldn't be surprised
when you want head...
she should already know what’s up…"

This was interesting because he’s actually talking about a psychology concept called ‘Personality Consistency’

If you act a certain way from the start and don’t change she will follow your lead

We all have a sensitive radar for inconsistency in behavior, because it signals bad intentions dishonesty or both. When her ‘Inconsistent Alarm’ goes off she gets creeped out.

Have you eveer known a guy that always jokes with women in a sexual way?

Do his female friends get offended or just sigh and say:

“Oh that’s just how he is!"

BUT... If a guy who’s polite and proper starts to get sexual, then women will act offended, but they are really just creeped out because their ‘inconsistency alarm’ is going off

So you must let a woman know what kind of guy you are from the get-go!!!

Now here’s the second thing Devin told me:

“Girls try to run their own game
by acting like they’re doing YOU a favor
just by talking to you
...But you can't let her play that…
Chicks like dick more than they let on
so you gotta treat it
like it’s HER trophy"

Devin is talking about how women take control of the frame and how to take it back

You need to immediately set the frame that it’s her privilege to put your dick in her mouth

3.-Bite-the-belt-11If that sounds weird, think about this:

If you suck on a woman's breasts don't you feel privileged?

She is the one getting stimulated and pleasured, yet you might feel like you are getting something... Almost like her body is a gift or reward from her to you

In the same way, your cock can be a gift to her!

The difference is you can see a nice set of tits and get turned on without seeing the woman’s face or knowing her as a person

A woman can love how a d*ck looks and feels, but only when she feels connected to the man it's attached to

This is why it’s possible for her to feel like she’s receiving a gift when she puts your c*ck in her mouth! So you need her to go down within the right frame...

...which is super easy
because it all comes down to timing…

IF you show sexual interest BEFORE she thinks she earned it, you lower the value of your dick

This is why a woman won’t give her number out until after some conversation. She wants to also think her personality won you over instead of you just being a horny bastard.

If you give away the trophy BEFORE the game, the trophy has no…

(remember this word?)

You will use the tactics in *The BJ Power Play Sequence* to easily create a ramp of bait & reward

So your cock will be like a gift from santa on christmas morning17. Real Santa image

And she'll cherish the chance to play with her new toy!

And now that she’s on the blowjob diet plan

You Can Use Tip 3 To Train Her To Give You Head Just The Way You Like It

● deep-throating ● swallowing ● facials ● dirty talk

Whatever you like

By using a powerful psychological technique called ‘Inclusion’ to turn blowjobs into a bonding activity between you and your woman -which is perfect if you use the 'Power Play sequence on your wife or girlfriend- because she already loves you and feels close to you...

But you can also use this with a girl you just met

And crazy as it sounds, it will turn oral sex into a shortcut to make her fall in love with you

Turn Oral Sex
Into A Shortcut To
Make Her Fall In Love With You

Because the better she makes you feel, the more fulfilled SHE feels

And the happier you make her WITH YOUR C*OCK

In fact she’d rather please you as long as it brings you closer together

You actually owe it to her to teach her exactly how to please you so she can feel happy and satisfied

Whether it's a casual fling or a 30 year marriage, it's every woman's desire to please her man like no one else can

Satisfying your kinks are the perfect way to make her feel special... like a real woman

The BJ Power Play gets her excited about doing the freaky stuff you really want

19. wet LongThen gets her addicted to it by using a type of trance language very few people outside of psychology research know about

You will use it to heighten her senses and soak her panties no matter what she’s doing

Women are highly sensual

This is why they love pedicures massages, scented candles, chocolate, etc… anything that lights up the senses

Women are hyper-responsive to sensual language because language creates... meaning!

But women are especially sensitive in their mouths

20. mouth and lollipop cleavage

Hence the phrase ‘oral fixation’ which almost always pertains to females

After all my research, I've found that almost every woman thinks of her mouth as an erogenous zone

This means you can use powerful sensual code words & phrases’ to make her focus on her oral sense

You can get a woman to do all those dirty, wild things you've always fantasized about


21a. popsicleIt will make her super confident in her ability to please you -- making her want to do it more and more <--

And since women are so competitive and love to trade notes on their sex lives she might even start bragging to her friends and invite them over for a friendly ‘competition’ on your cock! (like the girl I mentioned earlier)

As you can see the possibilities are endless when you know the BJ Power Play System


I know that was a lot of information, so what's the next step?

You Have Three Options:

The 1st Option is to do nothing

Stay frustrated keep jerking off to porn and feeling pathetic afterwards

Remain a slave to the modern man-hating feminist agenda, hell bent on stopping men AND women alike from feeling any sexual satisfaction or excitement

Option 2 is you can take all the information I just gave you and run with it

In fact just knowing the basics of what we went over puts you ahead of most men

And if you want to uncover the rest of this system yourself you can try to put the pieces together alone, like it took me 10 years to do

It’ll be a much harder longer path of trial and error... if you ever actually nail it

But the 3rd Option is the guaranteed fast-track to blow job heaven

Hundreds of guys from all backgrounds and experience levels are already using the most powerful and practical system to turn girls into their own dedicated Blowjob Junkies

What Others Are Saying





But that’s barely the tip… (ahem) of the iceberg because I get emails and messages every day from men saying the same thing because the BJ Power Play is a simple step-by-step system that teaches you how to program a woman’s mind so she can't stop sucking you off and licking up your man-milk and perfecting her performance to be just the way you like it...

BJPP Product Big Ass Display-1

Program A Woman’s Emotions So
She Can't Stop Sucking You Off

22b. clip000e

But let’s be clear on what BJPP is not...

BJPP is an actual SYSTEM, not just a bullshit collection of ideas you may have heard or read around the web.

It's not anything you can find on YouTube, or in men's magazines - which are simply created to sell ads for protein powders, cars, cigarettes, expensive clothes, and prescription medications (ahem Viagra)

It's NOT just a single ebook file. BJPP comes complete with videos, audios, documents, case studies, and more (check out the bonuses I'm including for you TODAY ONLY)

Aside from that, you've heard enough bullshit in your life. You’ve heard it all:

  • get buff
  • be smooth
  • make more money
  • spend more money

But has it gotten what you want?

My ultimate big picture goal is to see men and women form passionate loving relationships so both of you are happy and satisfied

My promise to you is when you follow this system you will be BLOWN AWAY by the results (pun definitely intended)

Here's What You Can Expect

  • Works On Wives, Girlfriends, And Even On Women You Just Met
  • How To Ensure No Woman Ever Loses Her Excitement For Sucking You Again [[Section I - Video 1.2]]
  • How To Be The Kind Of Guy Women Naturally Want To Go Down On (Because There Are Certain Little Things You'd Never Think Of That Turn Her Off Fast) [[Section III - Video 3.1]]
  • Scripts To Make A Woman Orgasm While Giving You A Blowjob! (re-enforces her addiction to doing it more) The Holy Grail Has Been Found! [[Section II - Page 66]]
  • Case Study #1: The Steps I Followed To Transform A Timid, Beautiful Brunnette Into Such A Blowjob Fanatic That She Took An Hour Train Ride Twice A Week Just To Suck Me Off All Night [[Bonus Case Studies - Page 7]]
  • An Easy Shortcut To Get Her Fired Up FAST (If You've Lost The Sexual Spark With Your Woman) [[Section III - Video 3.5]]
  • A Simple Mind-Trick To Make Her Laugh While Secretly Implanting Thoughts Of Sucking Your Cock (This Takes Down Her Defenses Like A Trojan Horse)
  • How To Build Unstoppable Sexual Confidence Even If You're A Virgin Or Haven’t Had Any Action In A While [[Section II - Page 107]]
  • Real Proven Techniques You Can Use Immediately To Drive Everyday Conversation Straight Down Blow Job Boulevard Without Being Awkward Or Sleazy (If You Have Trouble Flirting These Tactics Are A Game-Changer) [[Section III - Chapter 3]]
  • Using The 'Inclusion Phrases' I Teach You, You’ll Turn BJ’s Into A Bonding Activity (But Be Careful If You Use It On New Girls... Because This Can Make Her Fall In Love With You) [[Section III - Page 76]]
  • Case Studies Explaining The Concept of 'Permission', And Framing Your Manhood As A Trophy She Earns (This Is Crucial, And Will Make Her WORSHIP Your Manhood) [[Section II - Track 13]]
  • Total of 12 Real Life Case Studies Included With Your Bonuses
  • Includes 8 BONUS Modules Worth Over $1000! (Read Below For Details).

Now you might be thinking I could charge thousands of dollars for this system because it’s already proven to work

...and you'd be right... I could

Private coaching with me costs $200/hour, and my schedule is full anyways. The waiting list for coaching is backed up over 2 months which is great for business... but that’s not all I care about.

I want to help as many guys as possible... guys who don’t want to wait

Which is why I'm making the BJPP system available for a huge discount

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But I’m making the deal even sweeter... so sweet it hurts, because I have some incredible supplemental material to speed up your results

Bonus 1:

In the Private PCR Workshop videos you get unprecedented look inside an elite alumni coaching program where I demonstrate the BJPP sequence on video, and answer questions from advanced students who paid thousands to be there

Bonus 2:

In another bonus video I demonstrate 'The ER Cycle' - a super simple technique to turn up the heat once you get a girl alone

This technique as is so consistent I use it almost every time I meet a girl (I can’t recall it ever not working)

Now, when you can get a woman alone you will get her naked, horny, and ready to open her mouth, or her legs, it's up to you!

Now, When You
Get A Woman Alone You Will
Get Her Naked, Horny, And
Ready To Open Her Mouth,
Or Her Legs,
It's Up To You!

Bonuses 3 & 4:

". . . Exposes Real Women And
How They Really Think
Despite What They Say. . .

“How To Get Blowjobs: Female Psychology”

When women talk about sex they almost always lie to filter out men who are not in-the-know. But in these videos I show you what to watch for and how to listen - exposing real women and how they really think despite what they say. It's like translating woman-speak in real-time so you can break out of the mental matrix

"...Translating Woman-Speak In Real-Time
So You Can Break Out Of
The Mental Matrix"

Bonus 5:

I recorded a groundbreaking interview with Maria J.... one of my favorite blowjob girlsRawInterviewWithMaria - cdcombo_240wide

This one goes long and (ahem) deep over 2 hours of Maria opening up explaining exactly to do and say to get a sexy woman like her addicted to sucking your dick

Now she wasn't like that until she met me but as mentioned... she had the potential

Any straight woman is the same. Now YOU ARE the man that brings her potential into reality

There is nothing else like this interview… anywhere (you might have heard other so-called "interviews" , but they are always by a guy interviewing A GIRL HE'S NEVER ACTUALLY SLEPT WITH HIMSELF! This is a huge deal because women will ONLY be open & tell the truth with someone she's slept with before! I wouldn't give you anything less - that's what you get with this bonus Maria Interview )

Bonus 6:

BJPP Case Studies - magazinestack_360wideI give you a bonus collection of detailed real-life case studies

These case studies show even more examples of how to get blowjobs fast from all types of women in many different situations...

... And more importantly, how to keep them addicted and coming back for more (i.e. keep them on ‘The Diet Plan’!)


Bonus 7:

Just to make sure I cover every angle, so you absolutely cannot fail, I included yet another private coaching session but this one is a little different...

It’s from the time just before I finalized the whole system so you can see the 'origin saga' behind all the principles. This will really help you nail it down so everything comes second nature. In the same way a mechanic studies the evolution of engines so he can truly understand how the modern ones work

Bonus 8:

I’ve also included my

Black Book of Dirty Tricks

Black Book of Dirty Tricks - ringspiralbinder_small-withglow

It's both a quick-guide to review the material at a glance if you need a refresher, and I included some of my newest tricks and tactics:

  • How to make your cum taste good: this proven secret gives your semen a mild sweet flavor women love (no it's not the pineapple trick)
  • Food and supplements to double - even triple - the size of your loads (Once she loves the taste of your cum, she’ll crave as much as she can get on her face or in her mouth. And women LOVE big loads)
  • How to groom yourself so that you look sexually clean and healthy (Women are on high alert for red flags that you won’t look or smell good ‘down there’ )
  • Fashion tricks to draw her attention to your c*ck and make her curious about your member
  • How to increase your sex drive so you get rock-hard, aggressive, long lasting boners as much as you want ( women love to see a raging hard-on rather than a weak willy... and if you’re not getting your maximum blood flow you are not reaching your biggest size possible --- And 3rd - your woman’s going to have a big appetite so you need to keep her fed!)
  • Games to make blowjobs more fun and exciting plus some advanced kinky ideas I’ve tried and tested
  • And some of my newest and best lines to make her drool for your dick


Just the bonus material ALONE is valued at over $500

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And if you have a girlfriend or wife you’re probably even more frustrated because you already have a woman....

Another mediocre session of sex bores you just thinking about it

Or maybe you find yourself sitting on the couch once again while she blabs away about cat videos, or the Kardashians, or 'that bitch from work'...

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